We are Coille Alba


Invasive plants

We are a small environmental charity based in the north of Scotland.

Our mission is to support the sustainable management of native woodlands for the benefit of woodland owners, local communities and the wider public.

Currently we are focussing on a few projects concerning the management of Aspen woodlands and control of invasive plants.

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In partnership with others, Coille Alba is leading a project "Aspen 2020" to restore Aspen to its rightful place in the Scottish landscape.The Scottish Aspen website offers an online facility to view and record the location of Aspen stands throughout Scotland.

If you want to help build up a picture of Aspen distribution, please add your records to the map here:


Britain’s native flora and fauna comprise the species that naturally colonised the land as the ice retreated after the last ice age, some 10,000 years ago.

This process of steady colonisation was subsequently brought to a halt when the land-bridge between Britain and continental Europe was severed. Scotland's native plants and animals have evolved together over a long period of time.

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